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Our trainers walk the talk. Their experiences and accomplishments speak for themselves. They are successful individuals, and have been tried and tested in their fields of expertise to consistently produce no less than exceptional results. You can be assured that they will bring out the best in you. Our team of professional trainers is committed to improve their craft. They meet regularly to examine the qualitative and quantitative feedback of each coach training class, such that they can deliver the next class even better. They are committed to make every lesson impactful for all clients.

Learn from the wealth of experience our coach trainers bring

Learn from the wealth of experience our coach trainers bring

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Learn from the wealth of experience our coach trainers bring

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Kelvin Lim

Southeast Asia’s first Master Coach
Founder & Principal Coach, ECI

Having always possessed the belief that each and every person offers great potential that is just waiting to be tapped, Kelvin began his foray into the coaching field in the 1990s. From 1997 to 2004, he was the Landmark Regional Team Leader. In 2005, he became the first certified Master Coach in South East Asia. He also served as an instructor for both Coach and Corporate Coach Universities.


In his own words: “Life is a journey that requires a person to evolve for this adventure to be successful, insightful and fruitful. The world in which we are offers many levels and opportunities that we are not always aware of. Coaching does not enable you to just access temporary opportunities but also empowers you to evolve as a person to the point where those opportunities come to you, and you are fully able to take advantage of them.”

Kelvin’s corporate clients include Imperial Tobacco, Grant Thornton Singapore, The Housing Development Board, The Singapore Police Force, amongst others. His individual clients include C-level Executives, business owners and influential public figures. He has also personally trained more than 40 internationally accredited coaches.

He is involved as well with the United Nations where he contributed to the fundraising efforts to help people recovering from the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He was also one of the sponsors for the events attached to the UN’s 64th anniversary in New York. He has also served on the board of several non-profit organizations such as Culture Project in the company of public figures such as Fisher Stevens, Best Director Oscar Winner for “The Cove.” Kelvin is also a book writer and publisher.

As a successful entrepreneur, Kelvin founded his own coaching company, Executive Coach International, in 2004, with one purpose: empowering people to live their lives to the fullest and all it has to offer. ECI has received multiple awards, including the Promising SME 500 Awards in 2014 from the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA) in Singapore, which acknowledged ECI’s success and the promising future it offers to its clients.

Kelvin received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Monash University and his MBA from Aldersgate University. He is also one of the original 7 Guerilla Marketing Master Trainers in Asia.

Masterful coaching and leading – Liz Ong

He is amazing. I really enjoyed listening to him and watching his expressions – he is full of life – Paula Olsen

Kelvin is superb. Glad to meet him – Hariharan

Julia Ng

Lead Trainer, ECI
Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Julia has been a highly sought-after branding and design consultant and specialist for the past 15 years. She worked with companies to develop their corporate brands before embarking on her coaching career in 2003, when she added personal development into her repertoire as an important component for a person’s or organization’s full brand expression. During her corporate life, she held key positions in internationally renowned design firms in the US, Australia and Singapore (including Frogdesign and Addison), where she successfully mentored and inspired teams in creating vision, strategy, award-winning results and personal growth – earning her six promotions in four years before leaving as Creative Vice-President and moving on to her next venture.


Today, Julia takes an integrated approach by combining her gifts and talents in coaching and design to help people develop their professional and personal brand holistically, from the inside out. She is a Life and Business Coach who works with entrepreneurs and corporate executives to create businesses that are a source of growth, profitability, and fulfillment. She is the Creative Director of SIGHTWORKS, her branding and design practice since 2000, and the Principal Coach of FRAMEWORKS, its coaching division.

Julia has also been a Senior Coach and Program Leader at Executive Coach International since its inception in 2004. In the organization’s early years, she led the Making Courage Work (MCW) Coaching Program and previews to The Courage to Create (TCC) Program, trained the production teams and Course Supervisors, and was also Program Manager and a trainer for ECI’s Basic Leadership Program. Presently, she leads its flagship coaching program, The Courage to Create (TCC), and trains the coaches in ECI’s Coach Body as well as in the Professional Coach Training Program (PCTP). She also heads the Production Track and Assisting Program.

Julia is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has coached over 1,000 people, with many of her clients experiencing sustainable transformation and a distinct advantage in their performance and results – including developing emotional mastery leading to rewarding relationships, creating fulfilling career paths and businesses leading to monetary rewards and promotions, and greater work-life efficiency and improved health and vitality. She has successfully coached business owners, managers, directors, and C-level executives from organizations such as AXA Life Insurance, BNY Mellon, Brew Creative, British American Tobacco, Caterpillar, Deloitte, DBS Bank, Diageo, Great Eastern Life, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential Singapore, RE/MAX, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Singapore Management University, Sotheby’s, and UBS to name a few.

Julia’s vast coaching experience makes her a versatile coach, employing approaches and styles that are best suited for her clients’ development. Many experience her as a steady and calm pillar of strength, with the wisdom of a sage that brings illumination and clarity to situations. When called for, she can be direct and no-nonsense in challenging her clients.

In her spare time, Julia conducts conversations on conscious living for the ECI community and the public in her Dwelling Sessions. She is also widely consulted and has a flair for writing. She has been featured in various media including 938Live, Johnson & Johnson’s Savvy Girl’s Guide to Getting the Extra Edge, Berita Harian, RUN Magazine, GLOW Magazine, Simply Her, and Women’s Weekly.

She is eloquent and has very good pacing in her facilitation. She is patient, calm, warm and professional – Ceclia Martin

Her feedback and guidance are practical and able to give me clear direction in areas to work on – Elijah Lee

Very experienced, sharp, professional, one of the best that I experienced so far – Lynette Chuah

Loo Mei Yee

Director of Training, ECI
Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Mei Yee started her corporate career in Brunei, where she was born. Always driven and overachieving, she received her company’s President Award (Top Sales Award) for superior performance and significant contribution. Wanting to expand her horizons, she moved to Canada where she first worked for a start-up in Calgary before joining an MNC in Vancouver. This is when she realized that she was not only interested in training and coaching staff for them to become better performers, but also that she was becoming quite good at it.


Introduced to high performance coaching by her brother, Soon, who was then training under Master Coach Kelvin Lim, she took the bold step to move to Singapore so as to become a professional coach. Though it meant leaving her senior position as a Regional Manager for a global MNC to start this new venture, she did not hesitate. In her own words: “I saw how coaching changed lives at the core of who a person is. I saw how coaching would draw out a person’s strength and determination to make changes to live lives that are fulfilling and meaningful to themselves. It moved me very deeply.

Coaching lit a fire in me that I knew I could not ignore or put out. I wanted to make a difference that counted to people whom I meet in my life. Eventually, this burning passion gave me the push I needed to leave Canada for Singapore so that I could train and work with Soon and Kelvin every day of my life.” As proof of her expertise, she received the title of Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

Mei Yee is also the General Manager of Executive Coach International (ECI). As such, she is exposed not only to coaching but also how to successfully run a company that impacts people’s lives on a daily basis. Her ability to connect and understand her clients emotionally, along with her firm and unwavering determination, allows her to empower her clients to achieve their dreams and goals over and over again. Clients know Mei Yee as an individual who is warm, understanding, direct and extremely supportive of their growth in life.

Clarity of the material as well as practical explanation was excellent – Mirka Vaicova

I like her assertiveness and presence in facilitating our coaching drills – Sarah Yeung

Very confident. Precise and experienced in her explanation – Heng Li Seng