Sylvain Mahe

ICF Credential



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Coach, Trainer and startup mentor in the IT industry

I remember the time when I was a manager in the IT industry, thinking that something was wrong in the way we "manage" people. Instead of being managed, I thought that they just needed to be respected, trusted and empowered.

That was before.

Over the past 8 years I've been working as a coach and trainer with teams, managers and executives to show them that there is another way to get things done, create awesome things together and improve happiness at work. Some people say I am a change agent.

I started being interested in coaching when I realised that in my field people called themselves coaches without proper education. I decided to go for a coaching training and really liked what I learned and the community I met. I have tried a lot of approaches in what we call "self-help" or "personal development" and coaching is one of them. Not better, just different. Sometimes we need to talk to the trees, sometimes we need to talk to a psychologist, sometimes we need a coach. My personal journey covers Systemic Constellations, Tantra, Improv, Channelling, Mindfulness meditation...

My preferred area of coaching is relationships and transformation. If you want to triple your salary by tomorrow or run the marathon under 10 minutes, you should probably look for another coach, because honestly, I don't really care. I help clients explore their true nature and find their way towards a more fulfilling life. What's my gift to the world? What does that mean to be a man? A woman? Am I wasting my time doing this job? Where is my true self? You know, that kind of light topics.
Because I'm a creative mind, I can offer new perspectives. Because I Iove being out my comfort zone, I help people navigate in uncharted territories. And because I just can't live without humour, we usually have a good laugh along the road.