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Research has shown that coaching can create a multiplier effect for organizations as a result of enhanced teamwork, improved productivity, and increased employee engagement. Many organizations are moving away from a conventional approach to performance management and feedback delivery characterized by twice-annual performance reviews, towards a new mindset characterized by regular empowerment and development conversations between managers and their direct reports. 

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Customized Training

Our training program can be fully customized to suit your needs. Work with us to co-develop a full suite of coaching tools for your organization based on our proprietary coaching technologies. These customized solutions are in high demand by various government corporations and private organizations alike.

We provide:

  • Large Group Executive Coaching Sessions
  • Coach Training for First Time Managers
  • Enhancing Coaching skills for Mid-Level Managers
  • Leadership Coaching Development for Top-Level Directors and C-Suite

International Professionals and Proven Results

At Executive Coach International (ECI), our trainers work successfully with clients from all from the world. Our trainers are highly sought after, and include prominent individuals in the international corporate arena and well-established experts in industry who give of their time in the interest of contributing to others and the world.

Our trainers walk the talk. Their experiences and accomplishments speak for themselves. They are successful individuals, and have been tried and tested in their fields of expertise to consistently produce no less than exceptional results. Trainers at ECI are dedicated individuals who run the extra mile to make sure that your objectives are met and your audience is satisfied. Programs are customized to meet the objectives of the organization, and groups are intentionally kept small to achieve depth and to ensure personalized attention.

Rigorous Course Design and Interactive Training Style

If it can be found in a book, forget about the training program. ECI training programs are filled with original content that breathes life into age-old topics that are discussed time and time again. We make sure the notes you take home don’t just sit on the shelves.

Learning is best done through experiencing. We will develop the programs with the top priority being your employees receiving the maximum impact to be developed as empowered individuals. 

Expect not to sit and listen to another boring talk. Participants find themselves in action and before they know it, they’ve internalized the lesson. This is done through one of our core tenet of having constant practicums with active feedback from our trainers in the training.

We will be using our ISO 9001:2008 certified design approach in designing the programs. From needs identification, opportunity evaluation, content establishment to guides production, our trainer team will be constantly working with you to improve the content.

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