Creating Elite Coaches
for the World


We bring world-class, professional coach training to life through the holistic development of our student coaches.

We constantly innovate our coaching technology and refine our programs to ensure excellent success rates, and that students are equipped with the latest advancements in coaching.

We empower and enable our student and graduate coaches to become compelling and respected human catalysts in their professional and personal lives.


Pioneering: Our goal is to help you reach your goals faster

Our trainers and course developers are at the forefront of coaching technology as the world advances and market needs change. We constantly innovate and improve our program methodologies based on feedback from our students to ensure that they benefit from new and different models and learning approaches to enhance their coaching skills more effectively.

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  • Kelvin Lim - Southeast Asia's first Master Coach

Professional: We aim to deliver the highest standards in training and program management

In 2010, ECI was awarded the prestigious Accredited Coach Training Program by the International Coach Federation. This accreditation recognizes ECI as an organization with the highest professional standards in coaching and training worldwide. Our trainers and coaches constantly upgrade themselves and are tested in the real world to deliver the best for our students and corporate clients.

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Practical: We make our training highly applicable to work and life, to do your job better

Our modular class structure was designed to accommodate busy schedules, and for learning at your own pace. We are the only school in Singapore that conducts face-to-face training, with coaching demonstrations and real-time feedback on class practicums. Our optimal class size and diverse graduate base ensure that our students get ample credentialing preparation.

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