The LCTP program is designed to enable you to coach with clarity and develop people effectively within their different roles. LCTP also improves the ability for an organization’s top performing leaders to cope with the leadership challenges they face in their work. This program imparts the core principles of being a leader and gives you tools to facilitate the development of new leaders. LCTP marks the beginning of a powerful development for you as a leader and leading talent developer. LCTP enhances your leadership capabilities and competencies in critical leadership disciplines. Improve your ability to lead and command consciously, facilitate and communicate mindfully while dealing with a changing organization, virtual communities and performance pressure against a global market. LCTP redefines your leadership and capacity to develop others by anchoring your professional growth and aligning your personal development.

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Are you ready to transform lives and be the catalyst for people’s dreams? Originating from Southeast Asia’s First Master Coach, experience the training that propelled many of our coaches into obtaining international certification of professional recognition. ECI is a coaching institution that has become the largest contributor to Singapore’s certified coaches to date. Join the ranks of our internationally certified coaches who climbed up the ranks in half the industry time.

Find out how YOU can become a coach

Our trainers walk the talk. Their experiences and accomplishments speak for themselves. They are successful individuals, and have been tried and tested in their fields of expertise to consistently produce no less than exceptional results. You can be assured that they will be bring the best in you. Our team of professional trainers is committed to improve their craft. They meet regularly to examine the qualitative and quantitative feedback of each coach training class, such that they can deliver the next class even better. They are committed to make every lesson impactful for all clients.

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Research has shown that coaching can create a multiplier effect for organizations as a result of enhanced teamwork, improved productivity, and increased employee engagement. Many organizations are moving away from a conventional approach to performance management and feedback delivery characterized by twice-annual performance reviews, towards a new mindset characterized by regular empowerment and development conversations between managers and their direct reports.

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Coaching has become a cornerstone of talent-development strategy in many organizations, ensuring that high-potential employees and new leaders have the tools they need to rapidly adapt to their roles and assimilate into the organization’s unique culture. Executives have reported that coaching has not only increased their confidence, engagement and results in the workplace, but also improved their relationships and communication with their spouses, children and extended families.

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Successful business managers should be able to juggle a variety of responsibilities. Whether handling stressful circumstances, dealing with difficult employees or developing leadership skills among their team, an efficient manager must adapt to the specific needs of a situation…

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