Mentored face-to-face training

Profound transformation for coaches

Life-changing results for clients

Looking for Coach training that does more than just 'check the boxes'?

Don’t settle for:
  • Reading textbooks & memorizing templated questions
  • Wasting money on corporate coach training that's quickly forgotten
  • Limiting your clients' possibilities due to your own blind spots
  • Imitating others vs. finding your own voice as a coach

ECI delivers deeper training for more lasting coaching results

Become a Coach who Changes Lives

Choose from in-person ICF accredited training programs in life & executive coaching.

Get Corporate Coach Training that Works

Customized training & workshops that help your staff coach & lead with more skill & depth.

Make a Breakthrough with Executive Coaching

Navigate a crisis or transition into a new role, with coaching that grows you in profound ways.

You may expect coach training to be like school...but it can be so much more.

At ECI, our students go far beyond memorizing and imitating to talking on the heart & mind of a TruCoach. We’ll train you or your corporation’s leaders with deep coaching intuition and skills they can use to guide others to real and lasting change.

Since 2010, we’ve helped over 600 people become transformative coaches.

Will you be next?

Transformed Coaches Transform Lives

Get more than just coach training. Here's how:

1. Request a call
We specialize in:
  • Professional coach training
  • Leadership coach training
  • Corporate coach training
2. Get deeper training
  • Be trained and mentored by professional certified ICF coaches including Kelvin Lim, first certified Master coach in SE Asia
  • Dig deep to remove your own biases and see your clients more clearly
  • Be transformed into a TruCoach
3. Achieve better results
  • Embody the transformative TruCoach methodology
  • Coach with skills & insights that typically take years to develop
  • Use them to unlock profound change in others


ECI - A different kind of coach training

The program you’re interested in. Experienced trainers. A track record of success. Many programs “check the boxes”. But you’re looking for something more, something exceptional. You want to be the kind of coach who often leads their clients to profound moments where paradigms shift.
That’s why at ECI we go beyond equipping our coach trainees with organizing principles and coaching skills. We mentor each of them through the personal transformation necessary to begin to shed their biases and blind spots, and be freed to coach others much more effectively.

Since 2010, thousands of people have finished ECI programs transformed, and transforming the lives of their clients, teams and corporate leaders.

So don’t settle for a program that only teaches knowledge and tools.
Unlock your full coaching potential by choosing transformative coach training from ECI. Request a call today!

Is ECI for you?

If you value your own personal development as much as you desire to help others transform, then we are of like minds. Join us.