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Welcome to the Alumni Coaches page! The coaches listed below are some of our graduates of our Professional Coach Training Program™. Find out more about them, their background, their passions and why they chose the coaching journey.
alesxis lim

Alesxis Lim



Customer Experience Consultant and Coach
“The ability to help another grow is a gift.”


Alesxis is a senior manager and facilitator in a business consultancy firm specializing in Customer Experience. A large part of her work requires her to coach clients’ stakeholders and staff members to overcome challenges and personal mindset limitation to achieve greater heights for themselves before being able to serve others.

Prior to that Alesxis has over 20 years of hospitality sales & marketing and operations experience in Singapore, United States, Germany and Thailand. In her journey across the globe, she possesses strong domain knowledge of the various cultural diversity and human psychology to evoke positive emotions hence creating an experience.

Having lived, worked and managed diverse team dynamics, she approached every individual as one with potentials to excel. For over 15 years, she coached the willing to achieve beyond their own vision for life and/or career.

In order for her to help more people, Alesxis embarked on the Professional Coach Training Program and is well on her way to attain the Associate Certified Coach certification.
Alesxis feels that no one needs to walk the difficult journey by themselves. Let her walk with you.

alethea chor

Alethea Chor



Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

“I believe in living a balance life as one’s well-being is a balanced scale of positive emotions, a healthy mind and physical self. To me, happiness and peace are manifestations from the within.”

Hi, I’m Alethea. I support people in achieving healthy living and self-management to create a state of inner fulfilment.

I am not a spiritual guru or a medical professional, but since I have been managing a sustainable balanced healthy living for years, I would really like to share with others who wish for a balanced lifestyle. I support people uncover different perspectives in life that could be life changing with the integration of my expertise as a life coach, a Pilates instructor and a nutrition & wellness consultant.

Life coaching is a person’s discovery journey. Its outcome is a life long evolution, creating sustainable lifestyle changes. My life coach was a partner who was there to support me in finding clarity to my directions and achieving my goals. And I want to be to same person to anyone who is in need of support in achieving their dreams.

ahn thu nguyen

Anh Thu Nguyen



Trainer & Life Coach


ICF Credential


Anh Thu Nguyen is trainer, life coach, founder and director at ThreeSixtySkills Pte. Ltd. (, a company delivering self development training courses and personalized life coaching journeys. She is also a certified trainer of Points Of You™ and she creates training courses using The Coaching Game, an innovative and fun tool that help individuals and organizations to expand their perspectives and gain clarity to move forward.

Anh was born in Switzerland, where she spent the majority of her life, and currently resides in Singapore. Her credentials include being a graduate of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, with a Bachelor in Computer Science, and she obtained a Master of Science in Communication, major in Education & Training, from the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

She owns a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Adult Training and a Swiss Federal Professional Education & Training Diploma for Adult Trainers, as well as a Certificate of NLP Practitioner. Since 2015 she is an ICF’s Associate Certified Coach.

Anh has worked in various training institutions and universities of Switzerland and in 2011 she co-started Formamentis Sagl, her first soft-skills training company. One thing that inspired her greatly was a quote from Paulo Coelho’s New York Times bestselling book, The Alchemist: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: The fear of failure”. Bearing this quote in mind, in 2014 she decided to move to Singapore and to reinvent her life and career from scratch: this is how ThreeSixtySkills was born!

Anh now connects with people all over the world, helping them achieve their desired success and overcome their fear of failure.

darren poh

Darren Poh



Relationship Manager


My job as a relationship manager is to ensure my clients make most informed choices, entailing finance, property and legal advising decisions. After being a life coach, I realized I can now truly support my clients, giving them the real truth and choices about life. I would never thought that I can empower them to be bigger than themselves! Thus I look forward each day to grow with my friends on this lovely, exciting and adventurous journey of life!

michael chang

Dr Michael Chang



Head, Singapore Institute of Management

“Speak softly, people will listen. Take your time, the world will wait.”


With a deep belief in the transformative power of global coaching to contribute to better cooperation on a global scale, Dr. Michael Chang has dedicated his professional life to engaging people in the development of global competence, reaching out to more than 3,000 participants from over 70 countries. His specialization has been in the areas of resolving cultural adaptation or relocation issues and developing international workplace competencies for adults, and developing and augmenting academic and social performance for students. Michael has lived and worked in a number of countries including China, Japan and the United States. He currently heads the Department of Global Learning at the Singapore Institute of Management.

eddie huang

Eddie Huang



Financial Consultant



Eddie is a Financial Consultant. Eddie first got in touch with coaching in 2012 and benefiting from it. He has rekindle relationship with family as well as expressing himself better. He like to help out others who are facing difficulties in life.

isabelle claus teixeira

Isabelle Claus Teixeira



Head of Talent Management and Entrepreneur


Isabelle brings 20 years of international HR, Leadership Development and Organizational Development experience, as well as her award-winning solutions in the field of executive transitions to her clients. She has worked and lived in 8 countries, experiencing cross-cultural challenges first-hand and developing her own cultural agility between Western, Asian and Russian cultures. She has also worked in 5 different industries that brings her a broad understanding of corporate realities and dynamics. She is currently Head of Talent Management & OD for a major pharmaceutical company, in charge of the Asia Pacific, Russia and Japan regions (spanning 20 countries) and is now setting up her own consulting and coaching practice in Singapore and Kyoto.

Her coaching and development philosophy is inspired from the art and philosophy of kintsugi, that makes no attempt to hide the damage in an object, but rather illuminates it (by repairing it with gold) as cracks, knocks and repairs are simply an event in the life and makes the broken object more beautiful because of those. “The vicissitudes of existence over time to which all humans are susceptible, could not be clearer than in the breaks, the knocks and the shattering to which ceramic ware too is subject”.

Isabelle focuses on the human being behind the job title and has a passion in developing leaders as the persons they want to be first. Her coaching and consulting services focus in on executive and transition coaching, career development and design, and facilitating team and organisational culture interventions.

kevin kan

Kevin Kan



Chief Experience Officer

“Finding the Better You”

Kevin Kan is a Professional Coach specializing in Executive & Leadership Coaching. He also coaches in the areas of career management, health & wealth.

Kevin has held several management consulting and senior executive management positions in organizations such as AIMIA, American Express, Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM, PwC Consulting, KPMG Consulting and Solution 6.

With a successful career spanning over 30 years in corporate and multinational organizations, Kevin has developed skills in general management, strategic and business development, product development, marketing, distribution, channel management, customer servicing, payment solutions and talent development & management.

During his time with HP, Kevin was the Singapore General Manager for HP Enterprise Services. In this role, he was responsible for a business unit with over 1,200 employees. Leading and inspiring so many employees led to his interest in developing talent and leaders to ensure successful business execution and meaningful personal & career development for employees.

Kevin has a Bachelor’s degree in economics (majoring in Accounting & Information Systems) from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and earned his Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, Chicago, USA. He is a Chartered Accountant and a member of CPA Australia and International Coach Federation (ICF). Kevin is also a graduate of the Ultimate Coach Professional program.

leaf yap

Leaf Yap



Business Process Support Executive



ICF Credential


Starting out as an Personal Assistant to the CIO of an Oil & Gas MNC, Leaf was promoted within 2 1/2 years to her current role of Business Process Support Executive, supporting 18 affiliates in the Asia-Pacific Region. 2 years on, she is currently in the midst of negotiating an ideal job proposal with her company: becoming the resident Coach for its employees/managers to provide a more productive and conducive working environment.

Leaf became inspired to become a coach because she believes in helping people who wants to help themselves and be the catalyst that cause that change for others. She believes her clients are an extension of herself, and through working deliberately and earnestly on herself, she is able to provide a safe and secured environment vital for her clients growth and development as she walk through life together with them.

Some of the clients whom have worked with Leaf, gain deepened relationships with loved ones, increased their performance in studies from average Cs to As and also found new direction and goals to work towards, reconnecting to things that really mattered to each one of them.

Outside of coaching, Leaf also enjoys a myriad of interests from reading, learning languages, to sky jump and Scuba Diving. She is also looking forward to try her hand (and legs) on Pole Dancing next.

lee ban seng

Lee Ban Seng



People’s Coach

“I believe that people have more potential than they realize.”


Ban Seng is a passionate HR Professional who collaborates with business stakeholders in addressing organizational and people challenges. Ban Seng is currently the Human Capital Director (Asia-Pacific) with Mammoet (S) Pte Ltd, and brings with him over 10 years of progressive human capital management experience in both public and private sectors, spanning across the Asia Pacific region. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and is certified in Harrison Innerview, OPQ, and HAY Job Evaluator.

Having the passion to share best practices, Ban Seng participated as a speaker in the 2nd Annual Talent Mobility Congress 2013 and was one of the panelists to share on the topic of “Wooing MNC-Bound Talent” in SME Biz-Innovation Summit 2016. Ban Seng is also one of the esteemed judges for the SHRI HR Awards 2017.

Ban Seng helps his coaching clients discover new insights about themselves, bringing new awareness and realizations to them so that they can take the right steps in moving forward.

lin nan

Lin Nan



Career Coach

“Choose A Job You Love, You Will Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life.”

I am a career coach with extensive experience in helping fresh graduates and working professionals finding their dream jobs and progressing fast in their career.

Deeply believing in the potential of each individual, I work with them closely to identify most suitable career options, secure the desired job opportunities and overcome challenges faced in a workspace.

I strive to be a pleasant, patient and encouraging career coach who is always available and easy to talk to. Feel free to reach me if you need help.

natalia leroux

Natalia Leroux



Life Coach


ICF Credential


Natalia was a National Athlete, so she loves to work hard, to go out of her comfort zone and to achieve results. After sport she showed the same determination and success in the corporate world. She worked during the day and studied for her MBA at night to become a Head of Department at 26. She then embarked on a year long journey in quest of happiness that took her across the world. She participated in over 15 personal growth projects, lasting from 48 hours to 3 months. She is now looking to help others on their life journeys.

Natalia is best with clients that DO well – smart, talented – but don’t FEEL good. She helps them find and nurture happiness within themselves.

Only when you radiate happiness and self-confidence will others want to follow your lead.

susan xiao

Susan Xiao



Senior Manager



My full-time job is Learning Development in a Corporate University. The reason why I am interested in being a coach is because we can teach people knowledge and skills but it’s hard to change their attitudes and behaviours, which has strong linkage with their own principles, values, beliefs, etc. After ECI’s systematic learning of Coaching, I feel more confident to help clients discover broader awareness to bring out their best. My strength would be connecting with people naturally, being familiar with the business environment after 16 years working in MNCs as well as an educational background in psychology.

sylvain mahe

Sylvain Mahe



Coach, Trainer and startup mentor in the IT industry



ICF Credential


I remember the time when I was a manager in the IT industry, thinking that something was wrong in the way we “manage” people. Instead of being managed, I thought that they just needed to be respected, trusted and empowered.

That was before.

Over the past 8 years I’ve been working as a coach and trainer with teams, managers and executives to show them that there is another way to get things done, create awesome things together and improve happiness at work. Some people say I am a change agent.

I started being interested in coaching when I realised that in my field people called themselves coaches without proper education. I decided to go for a coaching training and really liked what I learned and the community I met. I have tried a lot of approaches in what we call “self-help” or “personal development” and coaching is one of them. Not better, just different. Sometimes we need to talk to the trees, sometimes we need to talk to a psychologist, sometimes we need a coach. My personal journey covers Systemic Constellations, Tantra, Improv, Channelling, Mindfulness meditation…

My preferred area of coaching is relationships and transformation. If you want to triple your salary by tomorrow or run the marathon under 10 minutes, you should probably look for another coach, because honestly, I don’t really care. I help clients explore their true nature and find their way towards a more fulfilling life. What’s my gift to the world? What does that mean to be a man? A woman? Am I wasting my time doing this job? Where is my true self? You know, that kind of light topics.
Because I’m a creative mind, I can offer new perspectives. Because I Iove being out my comfort zone, I help people navigate in uncharted territories. And because I just can’t live without humour, we usually have a good laugh along the road.

vinosha waggett

Vinosha Waggett





Vinosha has been in the banking sector for over 18yrs mastering various aspects of the retail banking sector and has embraced changes throughout her career and personal life. Having lived and worked in 3 diverse cultures she has always had a knack for making everyone feel very welcome and valued. She has inspired a lot of people to pursue their dreams specially women and is very passionate about helping others and ,making this world a happier place where everyone is valued.

Her coaching experience starting at very early age when she started to encourage peers and friends to try different things and challenge themselves in pursuit of their dream and happiness. Vinosha’s coaching experience includes migration and settling into new environments, adapting to new cultures, providing directional perspectives to young misguided adults, renewing focus to enrich clients life or mentoring refugees from war torn countries to help them settle in their new home and gain self confidence & independence. Vinosha’s coaching pursuit is to assist others in finding out what resonates with them and create practical solutions that they are able to implement in their lives and providing clients a much needed space to explore their passions and happiness. Her friendly but no nonsense attitude has gained her respect in her career and life.

vivian chung

Vivian Chung



Career Coach/Recruitment Consultant


ICF Credential


With over 20 years of IT sales and recruitment experience, Vivian founded Magna Recruitment & Consulting Pte Ltd in 2009 to provide recruitment and coaching services for mid to senior level executives in sales, marketing, consulting, technical, accounting, finance and supply chain areas. She has coached clients from different industries, background and nationalities. Vivian is particularly passionate in career coaching and sales performance coaching. Currently she is part of a consortium that collaborates with WDA to provide consulting and coaching services for unemployed Singaporean PMEs to assist them in returning to the workforce.

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