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Every month, ECI coaching organizes events to promote life-long learning and graduates from our coach training programs are welcome to join and learn.

Dear Alumni,

For this month’s TruCoach Zroom, we are collaborating with ICF to bring you a special event.

We are honoured that the ICF Regional development team (Mandarin speaking division) has invited Kelvin to speak at a series of panel discussion together with other 9 ICF Master Certified Coaches in Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Speakers: Kelvin Lim (MCC), Terese M. Bareth (MCC), Joyce Mei (MCC), Catherine Ng (MCC)

If you who are interested to conduct your coaching in Mandarin and are interested to expand your market to Mandarin speaking areas are highly encouraged to join in this event!

Please note that this event is only open to ICF members and it will be conducted in Mandarin.

We are honoured to have one of our graduates Kevin Kan, to share his coaching journey and how coaching helps him build his own coaching consultancy.

Kevin is a member of Forbes Coaches Council and he was elected to the 2021 ICF Global Board of Directors. Kevin’s coaching journey started with ECI 🙂

In this talk, we are also inviting ICF Singapore chapter guest speaker to share ICF’s focus and support in the global coaching community during this time of change.

Join us for an evening in connecting to the bigger world in coaching!

We are having our first ever virtual reading session with Kelvin, for his book on ‘What’s going on in the coaching world’! This book provides a never-before-seen mapping of the critical components that make coaching work.

Regardless if you have the book, join us in an evening to hear from Kelvin sharing about the mechanics behind the magic of coaching!

We were told that we need to work on ourselves as coaches, but what does self-work really mean? How do we start the journey of working on ourselves?

Join us in the upcoming TruCoach Zroom to experience the wheel of life exercise, guided by Wei Ping. It is a powerful diagnostic coaching tool to get you the ‘helicopter view’ of your life, such that you know how to rebalance and realign.

Most of the time, we are caught up with making a living, but not designing our lives. By taking the exercise, you will get the clarity to know where to focus and how to start.

Next Wednesday night, we are having our 2nd last TruCoach Zroom session of the year and the theme is ‘Talent is only the beginning’:

With this video, we would like to share this from Kelvin: ‘The path to being exceptional requires a dedication to a craft which takes an extraordinary devotion. To reach a peak in life and to become an inspiration, one has to discover their talents/skills and hone their talents/skills. It’s not only about being a master in your craft, it’s about conquering ourselves.’

Some other events that we run are:

  • Soul of coaching
  • Making a difference: A coach at a time
  • Virtual reading session on 'What's going on in the coaching world?
  • ICF MCC speaking event
  • Alumni story and ICF Singapore chapter introduction event
  • ‘Leap’ - Coaching movie screening
  • ​​Personal development journey through TruSelf Creation Course
  • Wheel of life - A powerful self-assessment tool
  • ‘Ask me anything (about coaching)’ - Alumni talk with Carina
  • ‘Talent is only the beginning’ - A link to Coaching presence

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