Continuing Education for our Graduates

Continuing Education for our Graduates

Coaching is a lifelong learning journey, and here at Executive Coach International, we offer workshops for our graduates to upgrade themselves and to earn Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU) for their ICF credential renewal.
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Here are some of the workshops
that you can look forward to after graduation

PIE Workshop CCEU

PIE is one of the foundational coaching tools and strengthening your basics is always important. This session is a deep dive into the PIE model. It would be hands-on and practical as usual like all our trainings.

This session is for you if you want to:

  • Improve your casing with the PIE model
  • Sharpen your questioning techniques using PIE
  • Find out what is missing in your coaching using the PIE model

What we would cover in the two hours:

  • PIE Casing demonstration
  • Hands on practice with PIE casing
  • Feedback on your coaching using PIE model

Metaphoric Coaching CCEU

Metaphoric coaching can be a powerful tool to help a person uncover themselves or a situation that they are experiencing. Metaphoric coaching is also fun and resonates at the essence level of a person’s reality. Most clients come to the coaching session with an issue they cannot resolve logically, and metaphoric coaching can overcome this logical loop by engaging the creative right brain of the client to create realizations and ultimately, a satisfying resolution to the issue. Armed with metaphoric coaching as a skillset, you as a coach can expect to gain unique perspectives and tap into a client’s inner world and how he or she experiences it

Workshops for Alumnis

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