Alumni Testimonials

ICF Coach Training Program

The training has been shown me the positive transformative power of coaching. I can now not only apply what I have learnt to being a better leader and coach, I am now inspired to work on my self mastery.

Carolyn Kan Founder of Carrie K.
This program is a must attend for anyone interested in exploring how to help yourself / others grow. I witnessed and personally experienced transformations and breakthroughs right in the class!

Vivek Strategy Consulting
Overall phenomenal experience with the spot on content flow which helps me to apply my learnings seamlessly.

Sher Bashar Global Learning & Development Snr. Specialist
It has been a fulfilling & meaningful journey so far & one I hope that can take me further in all aspects of my life.

Skye Ong Educator
This journey has taught me a lot and will undoubtedly leave an imprint on my entire life. I have a strong sense of awakening and moving forward to become a better version of myself.

Cindy Ang ITEC/WSQ Trainer
The fundamentals of coaching training equipped with me the useful tools to start being a life coach. The course is well constructed, with plenty of practices and feedbacks. I am much more confident than before. It also help me to gain more clarity and realizations about myself.

Muhammad Mohsin Business Development Executive
It was a very positive experience. I feel more confident in my application of the frameworks that were introduced during the module. Practice is still needed to be a better version of myself.

Jasmeet Sandhu Freelance HR Advisor/Consultant
It’s a privilege to be able to be coached by Kelvin and also witness some of the most in-depth demonstrations and teachings of coaching. Expanded my knowledge of how deep coaching can go to empower a client, and the corporate and leadership factors for coaching leaders, managers or a person. Thank you Kelvin!!

Lois Toh Senior Manager
I was confusing with coaching and mentor, during the practice i can let my classmates to get the points which they never know before and got the realization and know how they are going to solve and implement it. After completed model 1, i know the power of coaching!

Siew Hong Executive Senior Manager

Reflective. It allows me to see what is happening in that moment of the interaction with the other person.

Jing Yuan UX researcher
This has been an incredible experience so far. The hands on experience in small classes provides an excellent place for self exploration and skills development. I feel inspired by the coaches and fellow students alike.

Yuyan Wang Investment Advisor
Coming into coaching thinking of picking up skills to help people through their issues as a potential growth in my career but little do I know that how impactful coaching is to myself as an individual. Coaching allows me to start on my journey to focus not only helping other but also helping myself be better as a person/ individual. I hope people who know the power of coaching and how they could improve themselves in the future

Jean Hoong Career Services Senior Specialist
This coaching module introduces the basics of coaching, models that can be implemented to assist us in our coaching of clients, profile clients and allow client to open up more about their issues. There are a lot of practical practices as a coachee during the sessions to learn and get feedback which helps our learning process. Seeing clients have resolution and end points for them, and changes for the better is magic of coaching.

Grace Lim R & D Scientist
The program was both humbling and inspiring. I am humbled by how privileged I am to be a coach and to have access to someone’s inner world. The frameworks and methodology taught by Wei Ping really helped me frame my thoughts and taught me to structure a conversation better. I’m inspired to use what I’ve learnt to become a better communicator and coach.

Alina Boey Communications Consultant

Skillsfuture- Practical Coaching Skills to Manage Stakeholders

Practical, very useful frameworks

Tricia Lim International Expansion Manager

Awesome course

Bernard Kong Retiree


Kelly Sim Business Development Manager


Elwes Yap Trust Relationship Manager


Aldric Tan Corporate Secretarial Manager


Crystal International Expansion Senior Executive


Shasha Finance Director


CK Kee Airline Pilot


Esther Lee HR Manager

Reflective. It allows me to see what is happening in that moment of the interaction with the other person.

Jing Yuan UX researcher


Kai Software Developer


Xiu Li Accountant

Great and Practical course.
The trainer provided targeted advice to all of us and we have many exercises to practice what we have learnt to have a better understanding of the concepts and skills taught during the workshop.

Chan Khai Hsien Auditor

Enriching. It allowed me to understand myself more and provided me with some knowledge of how I listen and how I can be a better listening and how I can use it move conversations forward that would eventually be win-win.

Sally Teacher

Amazing, I manage to categorize what i have heard from the conversation in a precise manner using the PIE profiling and listening pyramids and this helps a lot in effective communicate with the stakeholder.

Kristine Wong Accountant


Kirsten Wong Senior Acoustic Consultant

Corporate Training & Executive Coaching

Head of Global Learning of a Tertiary Education Organization

Dr Michael Chang

Without the right attitudes, experience is blind. The program teaches us to work on our attitudes. With the right attitudes, we are able to use our newly acquired knowledge and skills to create better life experiences for ourselves and others.

Senior Manager at a Global Automobile Company

Susan Xiao

The Professional Coach Training Program has been a really wonderful experience and learning journey. The classroom training and club activities provided a fantastic platform for us learn more about ourselves and others.

This course has definitely met my expectations. Today, I’m able to bring out the best in not only myself, but those around me, including friends and family.

The PCTP program is well structured and the trainers are experienced, dedicated and motivating. The entire class supported each other throughout the program, and the sense of connection among us has added even more value to this program.

Head of Talent Management, Leadership & Organization Development of a Global Pharmaceutical Brand

Isabelle Claus Teixeira

Despite having attended other coaching classes, I feel that the quality and experience of the 2 coach trainers has created a very different experience. The “immediate” coaching practices and diversity of real issues have brought this class truly to a professional experience.

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