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Kelvin Lim

A leadership journey is often unpredictable and things can go completely wrong at any moment. This doesn’t mean we have to sink in despair. Through my 23 years of coaching business and national leaders, I’ve identified common challenges and issues. With that, I have put together a new podcast series, “Leaps & Bounds”. I hope that my insights will help guide you through difficult times and that we may grow together as a community.

Episode 1: Managing a Crisis Part 1

Through my 23 years of coaching business and national leaders, I’ve identified common challenges and issues that arise when managing a crisis.In the first episode of my podcast, I will be sharing crucial lessons about navigating a crisis:
How do I manage myself when tragedy strikes?
How do I perform during chaos and solve problems?
How do I manage intense stress?
Tune in to discover what brings a leader from good to great.

Episode 2: Managing a Crisis Part 2

Building on last episode’s discussion, I will be speaking more on managing emotions while navigating crises.
I will be covering concerns such as:
How do I work through my emotions?
How do I spread positivity among my team?
How do I calm myself?
Tune in & learn how to control your emotions before they control you.

Episode 3: Leadership Part 1 - Authenticity

My 23 years of coaching experience has shown me that good leaders thrive when they focus on developing leadership styles that are well-tailored to their strengths and minimize reliance on their weaknesses.
In this episode of, “Leaps & Bounds”, I provide more clarity on this topic. I’ll answer questions like:
How can I mold my personality traits into leadership qualities?
How can I translate my vision in a manner that inspires my team to follow my lead?
How can I remain authentic to myself and my needs while managing a team?
Elevate your management style

Episode 4: Leadership Part 2 - Creating Your Future

In the last podcast episode, we discussed how to conduct yourself as a leader in the most authentic manner possible. Expanding on this, I will show you how you can convince other people to share in your vision.
This episode on “Leaps & Bounds”, we ask critical questions about the future we want to create.
Some queries I will be tackling are:
What moves you to take action?
What is your personal leadership goal?
What is your vision for the future of your organisation and the world?
Start listening to think more critically about what you want to achieve with your leadership.

Episode 5: Entrepreneurship Part 1 - Getting Started

In this episode of “Leaps & Bounds”, I will break-down some of the most frequently-asked questions about being an entrepreneur.
Get answers on inquiries like:
How to measure success as an entrepreneur?
When will I know that I should give up?
How do I build a business that is both profitable and meaningful?
Tune in for this introductory primer on entrepreneurship

Episode 6: Entrepreneurship Part 2 - Developing Strategy

Last time on “Leaps & Bounds”, my podcast series, we uncovered the topic of entrepreneurship. We discussed the basics of being an entrepreneur, the importance of staying true to your vision and never giving up.
In this episode, we will be diving more deeply into ideas of strategy and risk.
With my experience as a master certified coach of over 23 years, I will shed light on these following topics & more:
How do I understand and quantify risks?
How much should I be relying on strategy?
How can I build a team that will help my organisation reach new heights?

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