Professional Coach Training Program™ (PCTP) & Leadership Coach Training Program (LCTP) Confidential & Proprietary Agreement


I understand and acknowledge that there may be private and personal experiences by way of statements, narration, remarks, stories, notes, materials shared by Registrants of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring, which are strictly private and confidential. I agree to respect the confidentiality of all Registrants, and agree to keep all information shared and communicated among the Registrants during the Program (“Confidential Information”) private and confidential.

I understand and acknowledge that I shall not at any time whether during or after PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring, whether directly or indirectly, for my own use or another’s use, reveal, divulge, disclose or communicate to any person (except a co-Registrant of PCTP/LCTP) in any manner whatsoever any Confidential Information. I agree and acknowledge that I am under an obligation of confidence and will be subject to liabilities should I commit any breach whatsoever of this confidentiality undertaking, which may cause irreparable harm, loss and damage. I hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified ECI from and against any loss, damage, costs and expenses incurred by ECI as a result of any breach of this confidentiality undertaking. I also acknowledge that in the event I breach or attempt to breach this confidentiality agreement, ECI may obtain an injunction to restrain me from such breach or attempted breach.

Additionally, I consent to share my private and personal experiences in the course of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring and agree to do so willingly, of my own volition and without duress or undue influence from ECI and/or other Registrants of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring. I agree and consent to my private and personal experiences being shared among the co-Registrants and ECI’s staff in the course of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring.

I agree not to bring and use any form of photography, visual or audio recording, be it digital, electronic or other means, during the course of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring. I also agree not to do any form of visual or audio recording for personal use or for another person or organization.

I understand that ECI will be making audio/visual recording of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring for the purpose of internal training. All personnel involved in training are under a Registrant confidentiality agreement as well. However, I agree and acknowledge that ECI shall not be liable and I shall not hold ECI liable for any breach of the confidentiality agreement by any of the Registrants and/or personnel of ECI.

I understand and agree that ECI might share my contact details with International Coach Federation (ICF) for ICF compliance verification on the PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring Registrants and as a result I might be contacted by ICF in regards to my attendance and experience in the PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring.


I declare that I registered for PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring for the sole purpose of participating in PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring. I understand that the program’s technology, methodology, models, course content and information contained in the materials and as part of the method of presentation of materials (collectively known as ‘Materials’) constitute valuable information, which is the property of ECI, used solely by ECI, returned to ECI on demand at any time and returned to ECI without demand on the conclusion of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring. I agree that I will not, at any time during or after PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring, distribute, reproduce, copy, modify or duplicate in any manner whatsoever the Materials or any part thereof without the prior express written permission of ECI. I also agree that I will not use the Materials in either fully, partially, in modified or repackaged forms or in any manner whatsoever as part of a seminar, workshop, training program, therapy, consulting or any activity similar to the business of ECI that is offered to my own clients or to the public for the purpose of financial gain, save that I can use the Materials in my capacity as ECI’s coach during any of ECI’s programs which I am assigned to coach at any time after the conclusion of PCTP/LCTP/Mentoring.