How Coaching Works

How Coaching Works

Coaching is the process of transforming human potential into kinetic power, leading to tangible results in a person’s life. This includes the process of reworking your self-awareness, empowering yourself and maximizing your potential, with the guidance of an accredited life coach or executive coach.
Kelvin employs laser coaching, a sharp and focused technique to plunge straight into the heart of the issue. The session goes deep, fast, enabling you to forward your life in a 15-minute session.
You could choose to receive coaching on an opportunity, an opening, a clearing, a blockage, or expand in an area that matters to you:
  • Business
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Direction
  • Leadership
  • Startup
  • Interest
It could be that you are interested in:
  • A new angle
  • A better strategy
  • An alternative perspective
  • Overcoming an obstacle
  • Making a new plan
  • Finding your confidence and strength
  • Deepening your understanding
  • Discovering a more meaningful way
  • Finding alignment inside yourself
  • Dealing with a frustration
  • Handling opposition
Everyone can benefit from life and executive coaching, whether they be CEOs, managers, executives, professionals, business owners, or students.
Simply put, if there is a gap between your life today and where you want it to be, coaching will help get you there.

So far, we have done the following events:

  • Soul of coaching
  • Making a difference: A coach at a time
  • Virtual reading session on 'What's going on in the coaching world?
  • ICF MCC speaking event
  • Alumni story and ICF Singapore chapter introduction event
  • ‘Leap’ - Coaching movie screening
  • ​​Personal development journey through TruSelf Creation Course
  • Wheel of life - A powerful self-assessment tool
  • ‘Ask me anything (about coaching)’ - Alumni talk with Carina
  • ‘Talent is only the beginning’ - A link to Coaching presence

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