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Mentor Coaching

$450 per hour Experience the professional assistance of our mentor coaches to help you upgrade your skills as a coach. Mentor coaching is for people who are both new to the world of coaching and experienced coaches who want to take their coaching to the next level. These mentor coaching hours can be used towards fulfilling the mentor coaching hours required by the ICF for credentialing purposes. Expect to receive great insights from your mentor coach on how you can improve your coaching skills. In these one-to-one sessions with your mentor coach, your mentor coach will be:
  • Coaching you directly on your listening, questioning and casing skills
  • Giving constructive feedback on your coaching presence and establishing trust with your client
These hour-long sessions are targeted to help you master the ICF core competencies.

Executive Coaching

$350 - $2000 per hour Coaching has become a cornerstone of talent-development strategy in many organizations, ensuring that high-potential employees and new leaders have the tools they need to rapidly adapt to their roles and assimilate into the organization’s unique culture. Executives have reported that coaching has not only increased their confidence, engagement and results in the workplace, but also improved their relationships and communication with their spouses, children and extended families. Each session with your coach is an hour long and prices are in Singapore dollars and exclusive of 7% GST. There is a 10% discount for package purchase of 4 to 6 sessions, and 15% discount for package purchase of 7 to 10 sessions for all credential levels (Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, Master Certified Coach). Discounts are reflected in the prices when selection is made for the coach credential level and the number of sessions. See here for a list of our executive coaches