The Art of Creating WIN-WIN situations through Coaching—With Difficult Teammates and in Difficult Times

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If you are a leader who wants to create results and be respected by bosses and employees alike, we have something amazing for you.

Do you find yourself wasting your precious energy on people who makes life difficult for you?

We will help you discover:

  • How to eliminate frustrations from working with difficult people
  • The magic formula on how to be calm and collected when dealing with them.


Are you managing people at work? You feel stressed most of the time that your team is not performing as well as you hope them to be.

Are you a higher performer at work? You’re effective in your work, but you can’t seem to translate your own effectiveness to your team mates.

Are you working with difficult people? No matter how much you talk to them, they can’t seem to change and they continuously give you headaches at work…

Sometimes, you wish that you are able to hire and work with people just like yourself – high performing, able to produce results, no conflict,

How can you translate your effectiveness and empower everyone in your team to increase their performance and double their current output?

You got to think WIN-WIN.

This is the 4th habit written in an international best-seller book — The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Think WIN-WIN, it’s easy to say, difficult to implement. In this 8-hour LIVE class, we’re going to teach you step-by-step, practical and actionable coaching frameworks on how to deal with people who are:

  1. The Rebellious Kid – don’t listen to you, argue with you non-stop, and oppose to whatever ideas you have
  2. The Excuse-Maker – giving excuses all the time, keep saying that they can’t do it, this is not possible, that’s not possible.
  3. The Toxic Master – very negative, spreading negative vibes around the office, and making everyone don’t feel like going to work.

We will teach you WIN-WIN coaching frameworks, where top executives and managers in Fortune 500s, MNCs and startups used to manage and lead their teams to double their output.

Use coaching skills that you will learn and apply immediately in your work place:

  1. How to think win-win and have less conflict with your teammates
  2. How to eliminate frustrations when working with difficult people
  3. How to stay calm and composed, no matter how difficult and tricky the situation is
  4. How to manage your team, improve results and maintain work life balance as a result

95% of our students can create win-win situations and improve results in their workplace and with their team.

Conducted by:

Sim Wei Ping, a Professional Certified coach under International coach Federation. Wei Ping has coached over 600+ high performers and leaders, in corporate and business, to achieve the results that they wanted at work and business – for example, tripling sales income, creating effective work culture and increase performance of teams. She coached directors and senior managers in Fortune 500 companies and public sectors to create effective teams through improved communications. Apart from coaching professionals and high performers, she has helped many families, who were distant, to bond better with one another and create happier relationships.


Join us in an interactive and hands-on workshop via Zoom on 10 January 2021, 9am to 6pm.

If you have any questions, please contact: Nina, Programme Manager, at 97927568.



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