What’s next for coaching?

15 years ago, when you talked about life coaching, the response  you would most likely receive was “Huh?”. We have come a long way till today where personal coaching has gained much traction. These days, results that have an ROI of more than 500%, including tripling of income and losing 10 kg within 5 weeks are manifested by Coaches at Executive Coach International.

Having worked with over 16,000 individuals over his 20 year coaching career, our Founder and Principal Coach, Mr. Kelvin Lim, was at the International Coaching Week (ICW) to deliver a Keynote Speech on future trends within the coaching industry.


The latest developments:

  1.     Technology & automation will start to replace human efforts

As robotics and Artificial Intelligence start to advance and replace more human functions, we can expect a wave of technology that will affect the coaching industry as well.

We are looking at how coaching sequences and models can be replicated by Artificial Intelligence that will be able to match the average coach on the street.

This undoubtedly means that coaches have to sharpen their skill sets to stay relevant and there will still be room for the top-notch coaches that have skill sets that are beyond the mapping of algorithms.

  1.     Coaching the “Shadows”

One such skill set is working with people on their “shadows”.

The “shadows” refer to the Jungian shadow, that is composed of the unknown and often “unconscious” aspects of human personality.  It includes the positive and negative aspects of a person, outside of their awareness. As Carl Jung puts it “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is”.

While we are unaware of the “shadow”, its elements are an integral and distinctive part of our lives. The advancement of coaching is the mapping and navigation of clients through these areas, which will unlock the individual powerfully. It will allow deeper understanding and access to realisation and energies that are beyond what the current generation of technology can offer.

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