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Becoming a better coach.

    Coaching is becoming more popular and many people who have the benefit of their experience, skills or special knowledge, coupled with the ability transmit the benefits of that experience, skill or knowledge, would be in a position to offering their own brand of coaching. Unless your particular knowledge is unique in its nature and you are the only person in the world who [...]

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How Can Being A Coach Boost Your Career?

When I first started training as a coach, my peers and I were really fixated on the idea of being a professional coach, which I eventually became. When it came to passing down coaching skills in the early 2000s, the trend had shifted slightly. The people who wanted to be trained as a coach were not so much focused on being a personal [...]

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What’s next for coaching?

15 years ago, when you talked about life coaching, the response  you would most likely receive was “Huh?”. We have come a long way till today where personal coaching has gained much traction. These days, results that have an ROI of more than 500%, including tripling of income and losing 10 kg within 5 weeks are manifested by Coaches at Executive Coach International. [...]

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7 Key Qualities of an Effective Coach

Heart is in the right place In order for a coach to really impact their client, they have to be able to want what is best for their client and be an amazing stand for their client without harming themselves. There are some people who are extremely compassionate and want the best for somebody else but they tend to do so at the expense [...]

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