We are 10!

It started out with someone wanting to save his parents.

Through coaching, he found a key that could shift a person’s general awareness such that a person’s life could be reworked and meaningfully forwarded. He has never looked back since.

And the word got around.

People started showing up. They, too, wanted to rework their lives, to forward their lives. They too wanted to make a difference – in their own lives, and in the lives around them.

They gathered together to talk till dawn about life, about possibilities, about human potential. They experimented in attics and homes that pushed them beyond their limitations. The more they worked on themselves, the more they grew. As they changed their own lives, their lives started to impact others around them.  

Out of this common goal, a community was formed.

Ten years on, Executive Coach International has come a long way, constantly working and re-working ourselves, growing, refining, building ourselves and our community.

Today, we not only offer coaching programs – we have become the region’s leading coach training organization accredited by the International Coach Federation. We live our mark not only as individuals, coaches and leaders, but also as a community, applying personal success formulae we have discovered and worked on at an organizational level. A recent accolade in recognition of our work is the Singapore SME Promising 500 Award by the Small and Medium Business Association (SMBA) in 2014.

And while we may have grown in size and stature, we have never veered away from our original point, which is, and will always be, to evolve as human beings by working on our consciousness.

At the heart of Executive Coach International’s continued growth are the people: the dedication of ECI staff, coaches, leaders and volunteers who make the seemingly impossible happen, over and over again.

With your hard work and commitment, we are now steps closer to enabling and empowering more people as we reach out to the world.

Happy Birthday ECI!