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3 simple ways to be more approachable to your employees

  Before we begin with the question on improving your approachability, you need to ask yourself why you want to be approachable in the first place. Is it because you can’t understand why, despite an ‘open-door’ policy, people still don’t come to you with important concerns? Or is it because, as a leader, being approachable is simply not your personal style or preference to begin [...]

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Managing team conflicts

Conflicts are unavoidable in any group setting. One of the most important things that good managers and leaders need to learn how to do is how to manage conflicts in such a way that you can direct the destructive force into a creative one. How can leaders handle hostility between team members? First and foremost, leaders need to look at the team’s group objective. They also [...]

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March’s Featured Coach – Lee Cheon Loon

“Life begins with a dream. Keep dreaming and feel alive each day.”  As an Internal Audit Manager in the healthcare industry, Cheon Loon is one coach who deals with the harsh truths and practical needs in daily life, such as finances and accountability. But that doesn’t stop him from dreaming and helping others make their seemingly impossible dreams come true.  Being efficient and effective are [...]

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Ask a Coach: How do I find my ideal career?

Welcome to Ask A Coach! A Q&A series where your burning questions are answered by a qualified life coach. May you deepen your understanding, explore new perspectives, and gain some wisdom. Have a burning question? Submit it here. Question: How do I know if a particular job/field is my ideal career? Answer: First, figure out what 'ideal' means for you. What are the characteristics of an ideal career for [...]

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Why hire a life coach?

Pushing clients to achieve their maximum potential is at the heart of what we do at Executive Coach International. Life Coaching has been gaining popularity among working adults in the past few years. It is a profession that is very different from those of consulting, mentoring, counselling, or therapy. The process actually helps clients with addressing personal goals, achieving business success or helping to ease [...]

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How Can A Person Grow Through Coaching?

Having had the privilege to be involved with coaching for the last 20 years, I would say that coaching has everything to do with growth. In fact, coaching is growth itself. What is growth? Growth is about taking somebody past their mental, physical or psychological limitations. When someone questions what they are happy about, they usually don’t question the things that they are already certain [...]

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5 Tips to Choosing a Coach

Because everybody has very different needs, requirements and goals, coaches in general come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, experience, specializations and backgrounds. So how do you go about choosing a coach who can suit you and your needs best? Let’s begin with a few qualities. First and most importantly: Is this person really a coach?I know it may sound trite, but I have [...]

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Coach of the Month Interview: Gary Ong!

1) What inspires you to be a coach? The first thing that inspired me to be a coach was that I wanted to understand people. It was always part of me that I find people difficult to understand and it fascinated me that coaching could allow me to do so. The second source of inspiration is my desire to help people. I want to improve [...]

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Finding the freedom to express myself changed my relationships: Su-Ann Phillips

Welcome to the first in our series of personal success stories, where community members share their journeys of personal growth and life transformation, catalyzed by coaching. Read stories of people just like you and me, who have overcome struggles and gained confidence to live the lives they truly want. On this special Valentine's Day edition, Su-Ann Phillips, published writer, creative and life coach, tells the story of how finding the freedom [...]

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Coach of the Month Interview: Su-Ann Phillips!

1) What inspires you to be a coach? I’m a firm believer in leaving a person better than I found them. In coaching, I found the best tool to achieve that. Someone once stood for me when I could not see my own potential and possibilities. Being a coach enables me to pay-it-forward to others whom I come across in my life. Coaching lets stories [...]

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