Coach of the Month Interview: Cynthia Lim!


1) What inspires you to be a coach?

My clients inspire me when I see a glow in their face. It gives me a direct feedback that the issue has been resolved or no longer pose as an issue, just to name a few. I am impressed that my coaches could “detect” my untruths and hence was able to support me to create results. I stand for possibilities for people and also co-creates love for myself and them.

2) How will you describe your coaching style?

My coaching style allows the client to feel safe and I gives the clients a lot of space to reflect over their thoughts and emotions. This style carries softness and yet when the situation calls for it, I be more than willing to play the “bad person” to present client their truth.

3) How has being a coach impacted your life?

I listen better to the unsaid now and hence I can say I am truly being a friend now when my friends come to me with their issues. I used to say “hey don’t worry, it is going to be ok” or “time heals”. Back then, I just said that to be nice. Now, I aggressively support my friends to address their issues with courage so they can create a win for themselves.

4) How has coaching improve the way manage your business/staff?

I used to be a micro manager, hounding my staff over the slightest details. When they failed to deliver, I will always tell myself “ I can do a better job or I can do it faster”. This resulted in my staff coming to me for all their problems and I took ownership of it. I had little time to look at the broader picture as I was busy solving other people’s problem.

Now, I empower them to own up to their responsibilities. I coach my staff to look at 1 issue and create solutions such that they themselves own the process. I coach them thru their thought processes so that can develop better structures in place to support the company.

This led me to have more freedom to pursue other interest compared to then staying in office till late to cover other people’s duties.