Coach of the Month Interview: Gary Ong!

1) What inspires you to be a coach?

The first thing that inspired me to be a coach was that I wanted to understand people. It was always part of me that I find people difficult to understand and it fascinated me that coaching could allow me to do so.

The second source of inspiration is my desire to help people. I want to improve the lives of the people around me through every conversation that we have.

The third source of inspiration is to expand possibilities. I believe that in life, it is fun when you keep expanding what you think is possible and develop the capacity to make what was previously impossible possible.


2) How will you describe your coaching style?

My coaching style is straightforward. I stand for the truth for my clients and I believe the truth will move things forward for my clients faster.

My style is also focused and genuine. During the coaching session, I am entirely there for my client and I am genuinely interested in what the client has to say, because each and every life story is new to me.


3) How has being a coach impacted your life?

To be a good coach, your life has to work. In my everyday life, I gained the extra motivation to always choose the more fulfilling path as I need to walk the talk too!


4) As one of the youngest new coach, what are the challenges you had to overcome?

I had to work extra hard in order to catch up in terms of experience. I realised that in order for me to be able to coach someone through their challenges, I had to be someone who overcame many difficult challenges myself, which is why I decided to take on challenges such as starting and running a business during my university days up til now.