Coach of the Month Interview: Su-Ann Phillips!

1) What inspires you to be a coach?

I’m a firm believer in leaving a person better than I found them. In coaching, I found the best tool to achieve that. Someone once stood for me when I could not see my own potential and possibilities. Being a coach enables me to pay-it-forward to others whom I come across in my life. Coaching lets stories happen to me one person at a time by being part of someone else’s transformation

2) How will you describe your coaching style?

Flow, dance, mirror

3) How has being a coach impacted your life?

As a coach, I have found a way to make a difference to the world we live in one step at a time, by impacting one person’s life at a time. Coaching with ECI enables me to impact a person’s life once every few weeks – what better way to change the world one step at a time?

4) Coming from a creative background, how does that influence the way you coach?

While it is true for most part that being with creatives is about fun and passion (I can be fun to be with), there’s a lot of serious work – disciplines – behind the scenes. And those disciplines are weaved into my coaching sessions. To let my clients be, I create a neutral and safe space for my clients to explore and express what they really want and who they really are such that they can find, relate and connect to their truest selves. (This is usually the fun bit.) In being with my client in that freeness, my training as an ECI coach kicks in, enabling me to find the most optimum formula that would best forward their circumstance. (This can also be fun, and is extremely rewarding.)