March’s Featured Coach – Lee Cheon Loon

“Life begins with a dream. Keep dreaming and feel alive each day.”

 As an Internal Audit Manager in the healthcare industry, Cheon Loon is one coach who deals with the harsh truths and practical needs in daily life, such as finances and accountability. But that doesn’t stop him from dreaming and helping others make their seemingly impossible dreams come true.

 Being efficient and effective are key principles that Cheon Loon stand for in his coaching. Coaching since 2011, his clients value him for his direct and honest communication style. At the end of the day, the results of coaching depends on the actions and efforts taken by the client, and he is known to go the extra mile to make sure his clients are upholding their integrity to the commitment they have made to themselves.  

His clients have experienced acceleration in realising their life purpose such as becoming full-time artists, business owners and members of a loving family. Most importantly, they continue to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Cheon Loon’s strong grasp of project coaching principles have helped him consistently achieve breakthroughs in his clients’ lives through our 5-week project coaching program, Making Courage Work. Naturally, he is also one of our specialist trainers for Project Coaching in Module 2 of our Professional Coach Training Program™ (PCTP). Whether as a client or an aspiring coach, you’ll get a chance to meet Cheon Loon as a part of your development in ECI!