ECI Evolvement #1

A very warm welcome to ECI’s first Evolvement article! Every two weeks, our post will bring you the top coaching and personal development tips and stories around the world. Read on for regular personal insights into evolving your life!

What Can Coaching Do For Steve Jobs, Jodie Foster, Michael Jordan And You?

What does a successful executive like Steve Jobs, an Oscar and Golden Globe winner actress like Jodie Foster and a sporting legend like Michael Jordan have in common? Simple answer: Coaching! They all had a professional coach who brought their careers to another level. The benefits from coaching range from impressive ROI on personal effectiveness, vastly improved employee engagement to effective leadership development and increased teamwork solutions. Find out more here.

 12 Tips for planning your 2015 New Year Resolution – By PsychCentral

  1. Be specific. Don’t resolve to “Make more friends” or “Strengthen friendships” because that’s too vague. To make more friends as part of my happiness project, I have several very concrete resolutions like: “Start a group,” “Remember birthdays,” “Say hello,” “Make plans,” “Show up,” and “No gossip.”
  2. Write it down.
  3. Review your resolution every day. If your resolution is buzzing through your head, it’s easier to stick to it.

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 2015 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Board Officers Named

Following a vote by the ICF Global Board of Directors, Leda Turai Petrauskiene, MCC (Lithuania), and Peter Barr, MCC (Australia), have been elected Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively, of the ICF Global Board. Leda joined the ICF Global Board of Directors in 2014. Peter, who served as Secretary/Treasurer of the ICF Global Board in 2014, has been a member of the ICF Global Board since 2013.






Source:  International Coach Federation

Interesting Apps to Train Your Brain
With the increasing development of e-education and edutainment, there are now many apps available to train various aspects and capabilities of the human brain

Click here to find out more if you are looking for any of the following areas of development:

    1. Apps That Train Your Memory
    2. Apps That Train Your Brain to Learn
    3. Apps That Train You to Relax
    4. Apps That Train Your Brain to Concentrate

Exclusive Interview: The Future of Coaching

Coaching has become popular in Asia. As more and more people learn about coaching and personal development, and thanks to the accessibility of coaching techniques, the coaching tools developed say two decades ago can now be adopted and applied by people without a coach. What holds then for the future of coaching? We have asked one of the three master coaches in Singapore, Kelvin Lim, to share with us more about what coaching is really about here.