ECI Evolvement #4

A very warm welcome to ECI’s 4th Evolvement article! Every two weeks, our post will bring you the top coaching and personal development tips and stories around the world. Read on for regular personal insights into evolving your life!

ECI awarded role in international film Coaching Movie

The founder of ECI, Mr Kelvin Lim, is one of the executive producers of the Coaching Movie. Find out more their crowdfunding initiative here!

Scientists Discover That Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

How does your iris features and eye colour scientifically reflect your personality? Find out more here.

Be a Coach Contest!

Participate in ECI’s #BeACoachContest and stand to win a $500 The Courage to Create Voucher! View more details on our Facebook page!

5 Tips for Increasing Your Self-Confidence – PsychCentral

Confident people carry themselves differently and have certain characteristics that distinguish them from their more doubt-laden counterparts. The ability to stand strong is an asset when facing life’s difficulties, but developing that strength does not come naturally to everyone. Find out what you can do to improve your confidence here.


The Secret To Getting a Promotion

“If only I could have a raise”. “I wish I had that promotion”. How many times have we thought or said so? We all want to move up in life: progressing in our careers is definitely part of it. Read on to find out the secret to getting a promotion.