ECI Evolvement #7

A very warm welcome to ECI’s 7th Evolvement article! Every two weeks, our post will bring you the top coaching and personal development tips and stories around the world. Read on for regular personal insights into evolving your life!

Placebo Effect – The Amazing Power of Consciousness – The Mind Unleashed

What is the placebo effect, and does it really work? How does the placebo effect link up with consciousness and how can it apply in your life? Find out what scientists say here.

Five Things That Grow Your Mental Toughness – PsychCentral

Mental toughness is a coveted trait. It’s what coaching gurus promise, athletes embody, and secretly we all want. It’s what separates though who can take a hit and those who will quit. Here are five things that grow it.

7 Key Qualities of an Effective Coach

What are some of the key qualities a coach needs to have in order to be effective? Why are these qualities important? Find out here.

Why “Me Time” Matters: 5 Reasons To Treasure Solitude – Collective Evolution

Have you been spending quality time and having a relationship with yourself? Find out why that is important here. 


Life Coaching Isn’t Just For The Mentally Ill: My Experience With Changing Perspective – Medical Daily

How did life coaching help an individual create a new relationship to get out of the issue she faced? Find out here.