Why did ACTP become PCTP? Why POLAR?

Why did ACTP become PCTP?

ECI’s Apprentice Coach Training Program (ACTP) has been one of the top coach training around for years, and we have always been on evolving it. It has reached the point where we decided to rename it to reflect the true level that graduates of this program have really achieved.ACTP Online Brochure

The exam that graduates take after Module 4 put them in a real coaching situation where they have 30 min to work with a client and find a solution that meet the official International Coach Federation (ICF) criteria. However, because ECI trains great coaches, not ordinary ones, graduates are assessed at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level, defined by the ICF.

Therefore, the name of the program is changed from Apprentice Coach Training Program to Professional Coach Training Program™ (PCTP), to better reflect the level of the coaches we train at ECI. However, the international accreditation from ICF that our PCTP enjoys retains the name of ACTP.

In a nutshell, you will attend PCTP run by ECI and enjoy the ACTP accreditation from ICF, which is recognized globally.

For more information on how be a great coach, contact us at 6737 0916.

Why The Change In Name For Our Advanced Program (Level 2.0 Program)?

ECI has always stood for evolution and we felt that time was ripe for our advanced program to evolve too. Initially, Kelvin wanted to work with people on their attraction and seduction factors. However, based on the request of his students then, informal session and workshops eventually evolved into the program named Principles of Seduction.

However, our advanced program has now reached a point where it is much more than just about seduction. It goes into the core of how does one relates to love, relationships, others, the world and of course, oneself. It brings together the learnings and developments that Kelvin has gathered over the past 10 years, and allows one to expereince depths in realisation 7 times deeper than TCC (Our Level 1.0 Program).

And to harmonise with the evolution that the organisation has gone through, we have change the name of our advanced program from Principles of Seduction (POS) to Principles of Love & Relationship™ (POLAR).


If you remember some of our geography classes, our planet is endowed with two magnetic poles that are used by navigators to find their ways. In ancient times, there was no GPS and people used to rely on finding the North by looking up at the sky to view the North Star, also known as, Polaris.Principles of Love and Relationships

The Polaris is the guiding star, for people to find their way in times of needs and navigation.

POLAR can play the same role for you: to find directions in life and relationships and uncovering the mystery between relationship dynamics. The focus of POLAR will also be an emphasis of work to be done on the second dynamic level (Dynamic with others) and an enablement for you to discover your core values in life are. These core values will accompany you your whole life and will make you decide what kind of relationship you want to build with people and eventually, the kind of life you want to have.

If you want to find the Polaris in your love, relationships and life, contact us at contact@liveyourmark.com.

(P.S. The shift and focus to POLAR will eventually create a basis that the never seen before level 3.0 program can finally be launched off.)