ECI Evolvement #3

A very warm welcome to ECI’s 3rd Evolvement article! Every two weeks, our post will bring you the top coaching and personal development tips and stories around the world. Read on for regular personal insights into evolving your life!

First Impressions: How Do Others Really See You?

Are you a social butterfly or are you a wallflower at a party? How aware are you of the way you come across to other people at a social gathering? Take our quiz to find out what kind of first impression you leave on others!

Coaching Movie Awarded as Top Trending Film on Indiegogo

Coaching Movie (coachingmovie.com) started with the first steps in August 2014 and it has been working with the world’s top coaches on creating the film. The Indiegogo campaign has reached over 60% of its campaign goal! View the trailer here.

ICF Video Spotlights Equine-assisted Coaching Practice

ICF Professional Certified Coach Paul Jackson shows how horses help clients cultivate trust and communication in new Credential Legacy video. Click here to view the rest of the article.


What Is Mindfulness and How Does It Work? – PsychologyToday

Mindfulness is one of the most important developments in mental health in the past twenty years. They are popping up everywhere you look. Type “mindfulness” into Google and you get 27 million hits. Understand what Mindfulness is and how it works here.

Coaching Corner: Tips on How to Live Better

We have collated coaching tips from our hardworking coaches on how to live happier, more satisfying, more fulfilling lives. This includes some tips that we first published in Cosmopolitan Singapore, such as career and health related tips. Find out more here.