Coach of the Month Interview: Tan Li Lian!

1) What inspires you to be a coach?

To me, being a coach means to be able to make a difference to somebody’s life. It is a means to work on myself and as a part of my evolution journey, an opportunity to relate to more individuals which helps my relationship with the people around me as well.

2) How will you describe your coaching style?

My coaching style is performance driven yet personal. I believe in giving the client the space to really look into themselves. I am ac oach who my client can trust and look to as support while empowering them to take ownership of their life.

3) How has being a coach impacted your life?

I learnt a lot after embarking on this journey as a coach. Key impacts include being more aware of my thoughts or whatever is affecting my judgements, learning to be more OPEN, LISTEN and just be PRESENT with an individual. It indirectly helped build my Patience as well. I strive to constantly do my work, so that I can fix my life while forwarding my clients.

4) Coming from a sports-training background, what similarities do you see along with life coaching?

There are a lot of similarities between life coaching and sports training.

First and foremost, it requires the commitment to take on a journey, and to set a goal for oneself as to what kind of coach I wanna be. After that, it will be a lot of hard work and perseverance to improve and take on clients (training/races/competition vs coaching clients). As a coach, it will be working on more different types of clients and improving our range. During this process, there will be a lot of ups and downs and how we overcome them to better ourselves, and move on. Subsequently, celebrating the results (Personal Best vs Making a different to people’s life). Not forgetting at times handling failures and learning from it, while dealing with the uncontrollable (physical health on race day vs client’s actions/reactions).